Construction progress of Hatay Millennium Project

21/07/2018   -   Company news

On 24 April 2018, the pre-acceptance test for foundation phase of the Hatay Millennium Project, located at No. 4 Quang Trung, Yet Kieu Ward, Ha Dong, was undertaken. Parties joining the test included: developer TSQ Vietnam, contractor MDP Construction JSC, and designing consultant BHA - IDT Vietnam.

The parties undertake the pre-acceptance test at the construction site, on the basis of the following requirements: contractor's request for acceptance; the construction drawings and design changes approved by the developer; applied construction standards; contract; records on the pre-acceptance test of materials, equipment and pre-made products; records on the acceptance of related construction work, field observation; test results; construction drawing; construction log book and other documents related to the test objects; preparations for the next construction phase, etc.

The parties jointly took part in the pre-acceptance test and concluded that the construction quality of foundation has met the technical requirements, followed the design dossiers, and met current technical standards. The parties accepted the works and agreed to allow the deployment of the next construction phase.

Regarding the pre-acceptance test of the project foundation, on 28 May 2018, the State Agency for Construction Quality Inspection of construction works, under the Ministry of Construction inspected the acceptance of the works of Hatay Millennium’s foundation and basement.

Inspection results: The developer complies with the regulation on management of construction investment projects; and the management of quality, design, construction and quality management comply with regulations on occupational safety and hygiene in construction and the current status of construction quality.

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