TSQ Vietnam responds to questions on Hatay Millennium project

12/06/2018   -   Company news

Regarding the questions in article "Hatay Millennium project restarts: Happy or worrying?" (Original title: Dự án Tháp Thiên niên kỷ Hà Tây tái khởi động: Đáng mừng hay đáng lo), published on 31 May 2018, TSQ Vietnam JSC has replied to MT&DT VN.

In relation to the project’s construction progress, in Document No. 36/CV-TSQ, the firm announced: The article saying TSQ Vietnam missed the planned progress is true but not objective.

The project’s slow implementation partly resulted from objective factors. For example, during the time of the merger of former Ha Tay province to Hanoi, all projects in the province had to wait for Prime Minister’s review.

Moreover, the project is located on the Nhue river belt, so it also had to wait for approval of the local authorities. Administrative procedures were interrupted for a long time, preventing the developer from implementing the project...

According to TSQ Vietnam, right after completing legal procedures and getting construction permit, the company has developed Hatay Millennium in compliance with the approved schedule.

Regarding to the charter capital, in document No. 36 / CV-TSQ, TSQ Vietnam revealed: Currently, the charter capital of TSQ Vietnam is VND 469,388,690,544, and the company’s equity hits VND 965,073,002,724.

In addition, in the second written reply 42/2018 / CV-TSO dated 11 June 2018, TSQ Vietnam said that the operation of the tower crane at Hatay Millennium’s construction site has been stopped.

In the spirit of seeking the truth and listening to readers’ opinions and businesses’ responses, Editorial Board of MT&DT VN sincerely informs readers the above information!

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